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Shui Niao (Waterbird) Living Room


No.38, Ln. 69, Beishanwei 1st Rd, Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwan, R.O.C
Opening Hours

Waterbird Living Room” on Beishanwei 1st Road in Sicao is a coffeehouse designed and built by local fishermen using used oyster racks and bamboos from Guanziling. Parts of the seats are situated above the pond, allowing visitors to enjoy a cup of  coffee, tea or some snacks while immersing in the tranquil natural scene of swimming fish and roaming waterbirds.

Sicao area has drastically changed, but Waterbird Living Room has managed to preserve the natural landscape. Thriving Australian pine trees alongside the fishpond are frequently visited by egrets. A spare land at the side is great for vegetable and poultry farming. The wetlands nearby the fishpond are crowed with fiddler crabs, and the fishpond attracts waterbirds with food resources. Waterbird Living Room offers visitors a physically and mentally relaxing place to enjoy the breeze, observe waterbirds and take a break from the city hustle.



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