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Sinanchun Leisure Fishing Village


No.42-1, Sinan Village, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

Lying at the estuary of the Qigu River, Sinan Village originally relied on aquaculture as its economic basis. Later, due to the downturn of the industry, a leisure industry that features the elements of a fishing village became popular in Sinan. To bring the development of the village onto another stage, visitors can see the owner’s attentiveness and efforts everywhere in Sinanchun, including the preservation of fishing cultures and the establishment of restaurants, guesthouses, and artifact areas. Here, visitors can not only enjoy the food, the accommodations, and fun activities, but will also be touched by their authenticity. Sinanchun has ponds of Tilapia, milk fish, and oysters, in which visitors can experience the lifestyle of a fishing village. Tourists can fish here, and take a close look of the barrel-shaped fishing hut, a special structure for fish guards in earlier times. Comfortable and clean, the accommodations also offer far-reaching views. There are thousands of artifacts and antiques inside the accommodations, not only recording the cultures and traditions of the local areas’ ancestors but also sharing distinctive memories with the younger generations. Moreover, the restaurant here serves authentic dishes from the Qigu District. The Three Treasures in Qigu: Tilapia, milk fish, and oyster are used as the main food ingredients, which fabulously turn into plates of tasty dishes, that will please any taste buds.



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