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Budai 543 Story House


Each drawing represents an era, condensing Budai's 400 years of history.

The Budai Boathouse is a great place for family fun.

The oil painting background is transformed into a popular “check-in” spot, making you the main character of the painting.


There is the “Budai Zui” installation art outside Budai 543 Story House. Budai Zui was the former name of Budai and the story house which used to be the “Budai Retention Center of Kaohsiung Customs Bureau, Ministry of Finance” is also more commonly known as the “customs”. Currently, it uses art exhibitions to demonstrate the historical changes as well as the human and cultural aspects of Budai. It enables visitors to understand Budai in-depth through an innovative and interesting approach.

The first floor of the story house uses paintings to showcase the historical changes of Budai. Each painting represents a colonial period, namely: the prehistorical period, the Dutch and Koxinga period, the Japanese rule period, and post-retrocession period. At the start of the retrocession, shipping in both Budai and China was prospering, giving Budai the title of “Budai Small Shanghai”. The children's reading room in the story house is designed as an art boathouse with tatami flooring that enables the children to read picture books on the floor. The appearance of the boathouse exemplifies the prosperity of Budai; the words on the boathouse are Yong Le Tea Store and Ye Lai Xiang, which were the famous stores back then. Raw materials such as rice and sugar were the most exported goods during that time.

The exhibition center on the second floor showcases the lives of people in Budai using installation art and old photographs. One of the works uses the concept of turning a 3D object into a 2D painting. When taken as a photograph, the photograph looks exactly like a two-dimensional painting. In reality, the artist painted three-dimensional objects such as tables and chairs as oil paintings, enabling visitors to become the main characters in the painting.

When you visit Budai in the future, in addition to tasting delicious seafood at the seafood market and appreciating the High-Heel Wedding Church, please remember to visit the Budai 543 Story House and learn about the past of Budai through arts.



No. 46, Ruchuan Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Wednesday to Sunday
(12:00 - 13:00 lunch break)
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Closed on Monday, Tuesday
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