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Beimen Bike Path


Tourists can ride bikes to watch scenic salt lake, Zhugao Salt Field, relics of salt fields, mangroves, ecological features of salt pond wetland and Beimen Lagoon at close range. Most of bike paths are AC-paved and are equipped with guardrail, coupled with facilities including bird-watching platforms, pavilions, leisure benches and interpretive and guide signs. We offer bikers a safe and smooth path.

Money Coming Grocery Store and Salt Country House foresee benefits of tourism brought by the bike path and so the two proprietors have already invested in new bikes available for tourists to rent.

Salt Country House has listed 18 must-visit scenic spots at Jing-Zai-Jiao that are best choices for tourists. According to Director You-Chih Hung, Beimen abounds with ecological landscapes and resources including birds, lagoons and mangroves as well as the history and cultural background of salt production that has great potential for development of ecological tours, and circular cycle routes connected to each scenic spot in Beimen that will facilitate the creation of Beimen as a tourism town.

Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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