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Crystal Church


Crystal Church is located in the north bank of Zhu-Tu-Gou which is located between Zhoubei Salt Fields and Zhongzhou Salt Fields. In the vast, flat western coast, salt fields are the largest land scene in early years that stand out from the surface of the ground as salt is heaped into small hills. Crystal Church adopts large heaps of salts connected with small heaps to form different shapes, taking white of the salts as the main color tone and crystal-clear color of salt crystals as its idea generation and combining church ideas once consoling numerous patients with blackfoot disease (gangrene) that earned the church its current name. Crystal Church which was open in 2014 is one attractive spot for couples to take wedding pictures. This church gives tourists access to a broader and boundless view, and it overlooks Xishan (Xi Mountain), Kau-un-Khun and Bromine-Making Tower from the south side. Tourists can drive westbound toward Jing-Zai-Jiao Salt Fields.

Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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