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Baishuihu was a salt-maker village of mainly Tsai and Hsiao families because of the development of salt fields. It has transformed to a quiet traditional community and has no salt-maker family after Taiwan Salt Corporation implemented the policy of automatical salt making after 1983.

Baishuihu is one of the famous salt pans in Dongshih  Township. Though it is named as a lake, actually it has no freshwater lakes. The name of Baishuihu came from the regional terrain of old time salt fields. At first, the salt field, Zhangxing Company, cooperated by Japanese and Tainan people once built a sea wall in the area. However the sea wall was not built well after years of construction. When the periodical typhoon came, the external bank of the sea wall would collapse, sea water would flow backward, and it showed white waves (Baishuei in Chinese) everywhere. That is where the name of “Baishuihu” came from.

Baishuihu community still has an old name of Songzai (pine trees) Port. The reason is because Baishuei Lake was once a sand bar terrain with brushy pine trees and it has a natural port way. That is how it got this name.

Zeantan village, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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