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Wanshan Temple


This temple, situated in Hanzailiao beside Provincial Highway 17 (the West Coast Expressway), has an appearance that is imposing indeed. It covers the mass graves of more than 3,000 people who were killed when typhoon-driven seawater inundated coastal settlements in Kouhu Township in 1845. Later on a lot of the local people migrated to the area of Singang, and Jinhu Wanshanye Temple was built there in 1957 as a "daughter temple" of the original. Wanshan Temple holds a "Leading the Water Banners" ceremony on the eighth day of the six lunar month each year; this is Taiwan's largest ritual related to water disaster, and as its date approaches tens of thousands of "watern banners" crowd the ceremonial grounds and devotees in their thousands rub the banners as they pass by as a symbolic leading of the lost souls away from the bitter sea and into a new life. Another unique characteristic of the temple is its paintings. Unlike paintings in other temples, which are very similar in the subjects they portray, the walls of Wanshan Temple are covered with paintings of folk performance arrays in all of their wide diversity and rich fishing-village atmosphere. These paintings have become one of the temple's biggest attractions, depicting local history and serving as a medium for teaching young people about their native culture.

No.5, Minzhu Rd., Dounan Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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