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Geloina Clam Pavilion


Highly recommended experience activity-“Feel Clams”

After the “Feel Clams” activity, do remember to return the clams you have collected.

There are mangrove ecosystems and art trails nearby for visitors to experience even more pleasure.


Geloina Clam Pavilion has a rich fishing village atmosphere. Bright walls are painted blue and white to emphasize its ocean theme, and the observation deck is decorated with discarded buoys that have been painted in various colors to create joyous vibes. Art Installations made of Geloina clam shells can be found everywhere, adding a lively ocean image to the Pavilion.

Geloina clam is a species growing in the intertidal zone full of mangroves where fresh water meets sea water. In the Pavilion, there is a comprehensive introduction of Geloina clam development and hatching, enabling visitors to take a closer look at the emerging clam aquaculture industry. In addition, the Pavilion offers DIY classes and crafts activities as well as large, juicy, sweet Geloina clams for tasting. Visitors will be able to enjoy all sorts of fun of a fishing village from various perspectives.

The Pavilion provides relaxed, fun and educational activities and resources, making it adored by both kids and adults. This is an ecological leisure space full of local elements especially suitable for kids living in big cities to have a mini tour close to land.



No. 5-3, Yanyu Rd., Jinhu Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Facebook Page
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Wednesday to Sunday: 08:00-17:00
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