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Kouhu Visitor Center


A sentimental travel experience, humanities, ecosystem, have it all in one go!

The Kouhu Visitor Center is one of the intermediary points in the Kouhu Wetland ecosystem park area and often seen at these wetlands are:
With the design concept of a beautiful scene with water birds flapping up their wings in a dance, spreading out in the surrounding wide expanse of grassland. 
The design is based on the approach of landscape buildings to plan the structural mass - The roof is the extension of the earth and amalgamation into the earth.
The interlocking of the mass relates to the image of two water birds flying wing to wing.  
The user can directly ascend to the green rooftop scenic walkway from the ground level along the slope of the rooftop. 

Space planning of the Kouhu Visitor Center
The ecosystem pool and bird watching pavilion are enclosed using a grating method to allow for part of the space to be penetrated visually and allowing visitors to hide within. They are able to watch and not raise any alarms to the water birds by the ecosystem pool. Therefore, the rain shelter of the rooftop is designed with the image of a flying bird, signifying the meaning of space.  
The scenic walkway on the green rooftop is the concept of the earth extending out, visitors can directly step on the wooden walkway to ascend to the green rooftop scenic walkway, resting up there while looking out at the sights of the wetlands.
The free flowing space within the building mass is reasonably divided into three segments. This is the physical space, and surrounding the physical space is lots of virtual space which is for the free and easy activities, movement and relaxation of visitors, and also provide possibilities for the visual penetration of the building. The freeform space has created an interesting space effect. 
The welcoming fluttered wings at the entrance signifies the image of the guided space of the rooftop design as a water bird fluttering its wings, spreading out its wings to express its welcoming in open arms. 

No. 163 Guangming Road, Wunan Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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(Closed on the Second Tuesday)
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