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Kouhu Visitor Center


Occasionally, there are farmers' markets here selling local ingredients.

There are F&B services in the visitor center; please make a reservation via phone in advance.

It sells several products from small local farmers and is an excellent place to choose souvenirs.


Kouhu Visitor Center is one of the intermediate points in the Kouhu Wetland ecosystem park area. With the design concept of beautiful water birds flapping their wings in a dance, it adds vitality to the wide and empty grassland at the side. The design is based on landscape architecture where the roof is the extension of the earth and amalgamated into the earth. The visitor can directly ascend to the green rooftop scenic walkway from the ground level along the slope of the rooftop.

Kouhu Visitor Center is one of the few visitor centers that provide F&B services and the delicious delicacies provided are “‘menuless’ dishes made with local ingredients”. One can enjoy the most local taste just by making a reservation beforehand.


No. 163 Guangming Road, Wunan Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Facebook Page
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(Closed on the Second Tuesday)
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