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Waisanding Sand Bar


The lighthouse is located in the shallow sand bar of the external sea in Kouhu Township. The original purpose of establishment is to prevent boats that sailed in the nearby sea area from hanging up because of the sand bar. The lighthouse was built in 1914, it was once rebuilt because of the damage during these years. Due to the floating ground of sand bars, when the sand bar moves, the position of lighthouse will also change so that its function of guidance will be affected and that is the reason why it has been moved to the current location. The body of the lighthouse is made of steal building material and different from other lighthouses made of bricks and mud materials.

Shopping:Tourists can buy Dongshih local special products on the rafts in the Dongshih Harbor, such as green peppers, balsam pears, tomatoes, eels, clams, shrimps, etc.

Attention: Tourists need to register at the checking sentry box if they want to go to sea and tour Wansanding Islet. Generally, raft companies will take care of the application. If tourists want to land Wansanding Islet, they need to prepare slippers, light pants, gloves, plastic bags, sun hats, drinking water, umbrellas, and wind-proof coats.

Extended route: Yunlin County Hukou Wetlands Ecological Park, Leewanju's Former residence, Wendi Wetlands, Wansanding Islet Lighthouse, Aogu Wetlands, Budai Tourist Fishing Market.

Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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