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Hukou Wetlands


The grassy swamplands near Hukou Village in Kouhu Township contain rich ecological resources that attract an abundance of foraging waterfowl. In addition to birds of the Anatidae, Charadriidae, and Scolopacidae families, you can also see gregarious birds such as little egrets, cattle egrets, and savanna nightjars nesting and breeding here. At dusk you can see flocks of egrets returning to nest, and from the bird-watching station you can watch waterfowl soaring through the skies. A pathway beside the bird-watching station has been made into a bicycle path; from Sialun Primary School you can ride a bike past Botziliao Fishing Harbor to the Sialun North aquaculture area, cross the sea bridge, and then along Nioutiaowan River past Chenglong No. 2 Bridge and all the way to the Hukou Wetlands. The Hukou Relay Tower of the Central Broadcasting System adjacent to the bikeway and the grassland ecology area is a prominent local landmark, and the best place in the neighborhood for bird-watching is the Hukou Branch of Wunguang Primary School. This is a fine place for lifting your spirits by observing the plant and animal ecology of the wetlands and watching the sky painted in a multitude of colors by the setting sun.

Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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