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Boziliao Coastal Recreation Area


Passion let loose at Bozhiliao, gourmet seafood carnival

Bozhiliao Harbor was previously the only harbor in Yunlin County that has no sand accumulation and in the olden days, sail boats congregate here and it was a flourishing trading port. Subsequently because mud and sand starts to accumulate, its fortunes were not as before. Currently, milkfish breeding farms are the most abundant within Bozhiliao, you can also see oyster breeding in the shallow waters of the beaches and there are some breeding ponds of eels and shrimps.        

Pavements designated for bicycles are set up on both sides of the road in the fishing village heading to the harbor area. They are a great place for walks, cycling and relaxation. Visitors to this area can really enjoy basking in the sun, waves and passion of the fishing harbor. 

The brand new snowy white “Yunlin Fishery Association Direct Sales Center” was recently opened and provides all sorts of seafood supply to the public from 8am in the morning to 6pm in the evening. The taste of fresh seafood is just mouth watering. The throngs of visitors are endless during the weekends as though a “fishing port seafood carnival” is going on! 

Boziliao, Sihu Township, Dounan Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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