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Puzi Estuary Wetlands


If you want to look down the large tract of Puzih Esturay wetlands from above, there is no place as suitable as Dongshi Grand Bridge. Standing on the bridge, you will see spectacular river mouth scenery. If the tides happen to ebb and the sand bars appear on the river, you can even see the precious ecological scenery. In order to let tourists understand the ecological contents of Puzih Esturay wetlands a step further, related organizations built the facility on both sides of the dikes for watching birds and scenery. Except for taking a walk, the dike is also the best place for bicycle riding. In order to have people understand the distribution of animals and plants, there are many illustration boards on the dike with pictures and articles, and it is very interesting and cute. Including Avicennia marina of mangrove trees scenery especially owned by Southern Taiwan and the fiddler crabs in wetlands and so on, they are all charming guests who deserve our visit in Puzih Esturay wetlands.

Puzi City, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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