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Taisheng Temple


Destination Information: Taisheng Temple is located in Haomeili. It was originally a place to pray for safety when Township fisher folks needed to go to sea. What people enshrine in the temple is fishermen’s protective deity—Mazu. Mazu in Taisheng Temple is very different from other Mazu. Identified by Ministry of Eductiaon, it was made in late Ming Dynasty with a long history of more than 300 years and the value of preservation. Because this reason, Taisheng Temple is not only honored by local followers, it is also a valuable historical interest which oversea devout men and women will be eager to come and visit. 
Taisheng Temple will hold a variety of ceremonies in a year. Among them, the biggest and most famous one is a “confluence of incense” held in the third lunar month every year. At this time, Taisheng Temple will hold activities and invite Mazu in Puzih Peitian Temple, Budai Antian Temple to cooperate the ceremony of confluence of incense on the sea. Tourist fishing rafts full of devout followers will float on the sea, praying Mazus to give fishermen and township folks the safety of next year again. Curling incense goes up to the sky with the air. The atmosphere is solemn and touching. Currently it is also a very famous local culture activity. 

Shopping:Taisheng Temple area is a small and simple town without special famous products to purchase. Tourists can go to nearby Budai or Tainan County to buy special products of seafood or milk fish. 

Attention: There are not many indexes to Taisheng Temple on the main trunk. Since this place is located on the way to Haomeiliao Nature Preserve, Tourist can reach here by going straight following the index to Haomeiliao. 

Extended route:Dongshih Fishing Harbor, Wansanding Islet, Sinwen Jiaying Temple, Haomeiliao Nature Preserve, Budai Tourist Fish Market

No.132, Huweiliao, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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