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Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration


a symbol of the heyday of tile-paved salt fields and fishing village The building that houses the National Scenic Area Administration in Beimen Village, Beimen Township, used to be the office of Beimen Salt Fields. In order to underscore Beimen’s unique culture, which is centered on the salt fields and fishing village, the square in front of the Administration building is paved with tiles used in the erstwhile salt fields. Besides office facilities, a salt field office built during the Japanese colonial period, and also known as the Beimen Police Substation, occupies a part of the premises of the Scenic Area Administration. The former police substation is a single-story Japanese-style wooden house with black-tile rooftop, horizontal wood-paneled walls and a unique tenon structure that is simply amazing!

119 Jioucheng, Beimen Village, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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