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Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields


Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields has been selected as part of the 2021 Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories.

Experience the fun of traditional salt drying, picking, and harvesting.

The popular sunset viewing spot on the Southwest coast.

No entry ticket for the whole area.

Purchase exquisitely made salt souvenirs.


Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields were the first salt fields in the Beimen area, and also the oldest tile-paved salt fields that still exist in the country. Formerly known as the Seto Salt Field during the Qing dynasty, it was moved to the current location in 1818 and has remained here. It is the oldest salt field with nearly two centuries of history.

It was documented in the historical records that Chen Yong-Hua, the consulting general for Zheng, believed that the aborigines' salt-making techniques were not mature and hence the salt produced tasted bitter. He revamped the method, lay down tiles near the sea and inducted the water into the salt pond. The crystalline salt formed after the salt water dried on the tiles. Hence the manmade salt industry was pushed forward.

The tile-paved salt field formed by tiles that are about 6 mm thick is a beautiful artwork just like a Mosaic. In order to pass down the legacy of the salt-making industry and culture, the salt field has been restored. This enables the special scene of “Jingzaijiao” salt fields to remain on the coast of the Beimen Yonghua Village. It has become the most special tourist salt fields in the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. It allows people to revisit the shared memories of the residents, and tourists can make their own salt using the traditional method, experiencing the fun of traditional salt drying, picking and harvesting while learning about the history of Taiwanese salt making in detail. It is an excellent location for an in-depth family tour.

Jingzaijiao, Yonghua Village, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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