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Shungchun Coastal Recreation Area


The development of this recreational area started in 1990s. In addition to mangrove landscape, there is a sandy beach area where visitors can swim and have fun, as well as a barbecue area where visitors can experience cookout. The whole space of the park extends widthways and visitors can firstly see a dining area after entering the main entrance. In this dining area, visitors can take a rest and enjoy themselves in the scenery of mangrove and wetland creatures. Moreover, there are two boardwalks in the south and north of the park which are built between mangrove and windbreak forest. Following the boardwalks, visitors can closely observe wetland ecology, in which fiddler crab, mudskipper and waterfowl can be seen. Among these wetland creatures, waterfowl is considered the most fascinating species in the park.

No.73-10, Shuangchun, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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