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Spring Garden

No.46-10, Kanping, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Established 16 years ago, Spring Garden was a private vacation spot for the Chengsing Family. The family members were all deeply impressed with its serenity. With rows of trees and an expansive meadow, the farm is colored with verdant greenery. The owner, Mr. Lin Chun-nan, opened it to the general public in November 2007, as a contribution to society. A nine-hole golf course, guesthouse, BBQ area, and camping area can all be found here; a trip in Spring Garden will bring you back to the warm embrace of mother nature. Guesthouse A Hall was designed with black, white, and wood colors. The simple yet elegant design style, plus the lush scenery and the light showering inside, makes it exude a relaxing ambience.

The first floor of the guesthouse along with the garden is an open space which never disappoints those who like tea, music, reading, and travel. Even if you don’t want to go out, staying here to sip a cup of coffee, read books, bask in the melodies from the radio, with the company of sunlight and greenery outside the windows, is also a good choice to idle an afternoon away. Hall B is brick red. Such a design is teemed with both rural ambience and Taiwan’s typical farm village scenery, conveying an intoxicating quiet atmosphere. You can pedal through the woods to experience the serenity and beauty of small towns, play basketball or play on the swings against the backdrop of sunset, or take a walk in the breeze and under the stars. With all these, a trip here is both fun and relaxing.

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