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Cyan Duckweed

No.23-24, Yihe, Yihe Village, West Central Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Opening Hours
Open all day all year round (00:00-24:00)
Legitimate B&B

Guesthouses should help visitors relax and dream, making them feel as if they were returning home. They should dream like a child or even like Snoopy. Since my wife and I had traveled independently throughout America, she has been in love with travel, more precisely, with independent travel. She once said to me, “Travel is always necessary however poor we are.” Even if we had tours in Europe and America, we promised each other that one day we should run a guesthouse for the rest of our life if we can afford it. Therefore, she went back to her alma mater to study tourism, learning about travel and how to run a guesthouse. Her leaving thrust me into darkness. Yet, nevertheless, I eventually had to cast my grief away and try my hand at design. In the beginning, we had limited funds; the only thing we could count on was our own house. Therefore, we decided to renovate it. After several months of planning and consultation with some designers, it ended up with the designers hoping that I would give up on the project. They said selling the house was the better option. Yet, I was not discouraged. I finally found a designer who could realize my ideas. The realization of a dream is just like the birth of a new life.

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